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rule thumb house refinance – Tea21 – Mortgage Advice > 2% rule of thumb in refinance – gianni cerretani (mortgagegodfather) #33 ranked lender in Georgia – 238 contributions The 2% rule is that most of the time when you are refinancing for it to be financially worth it, the general rule of thumb is that you want to see a decrease in your.

The Refinance Rule of Thumb | The Truth About Mortgage – Another common refinance rule of thumb says only to refinance if you plan to live in your home for "X" amount of years, or only to refinance if you’ll save "X" dollars each month. Again, as seen in our example above, you can’t just rely on a blanket rule to determine if refinancing.

The traditional rule of thumb is that it makes financial sense to refinance if the new rate is 2 percent or more below your existing interest rate. The new rate on a refinance must provide enough.

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 · Deciding when to refinance is no small decision, so don’t jump on the refinance band-wagon just because other people you know are doing it. Take some time to figure out what your total costs would be, what your new monthly payments would be, and whether or.

best home equity loans 2018 Best and worst ways to borrow money – cnbc.com – There are pros and cons to tapping a personal loan or your credit card, home equity or retirement account when you are short on cash.. 3 july 2018 updated 11:01. Here are some of the best.

Early Mortgage Payoff Rule of Thumb You should time your mortgage payoff date to coincide with the date of retirement, or semi-retirement. Here, I would define retirement or semi-retirement as a time when you’ll be wholly or partially dependent on non-work income like Social Security, pensions, annuity payments, stock dividends, or other.

Owning a house is kind of like having a forced savings plan. It’s possible to turn saved-up equity into cash by refinancing a home. With a cash-out refi, you replace an existing mortgage with a new one for more than what you owe. You get the overage in cash. Rate Refinance: You can change the interest rate on your loan when you refinance. If.

 · The 70% rule is more of a guide line and not a hard and fast rule. The % of ARV you can pay, minus repairs, will vary based on: local markets, exit strategy and housing type. You need to take all of the above into consideration when calculating your offer.

how does harp refinance work HARP FAQ – Home affordable refinance program – A HARP refinance has almost identical costs to a conventional refinance. There is potential that you will be responsible for paying points or closing costs. You may also be able to qualify for a zero-cost HARP refinance program. contact total Mortgage Services to learn more and to determine your eligibility.