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10/1 ARM vs. 30-Year Fixed | – A 10/1 ARM may be a good choice. If you plan to stay in your house for 10 years or less, or if rates are high, a 10/1 ARM may be a better choice than the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. mortgages

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Emax Hawk 5 - 6 Inch Arms Upgrade What is a 5/1 arm mortgage? – Financial Web – A 5/1 ARM is one of the most popular types of adjustable-rate mortgages in the market today; many people choose this type of mortgage over a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Here are the basics of a 5/1 ARM and what it can provide to you as a home buyer. How a 5/1 ARM Mortgage Works

3 Reasons an ARM Mortgage Is a Good Idea — The Motley Fool – Don’t let misguided blame for the financial crisis keep you from scoring a deal on your next mortgage. One of the most common types of adjustable rate mortgages, the 5/1 ARM, features a fixed rate for 5 years, after which the rate resets once per year up or down based on the level of interest rates. Although many people simply dismiss their utility, I can think of three reasons why an ARM may be better than a fixed-rate mortgage.

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Is a 3.95% Adjustable Rate Mortgage a Good Deal? – The. – Is a 3.95% Adjustable Rate Mortgage a Good Deal? February 21, 2000 "Despite rising interest rates in recent months, I continue to see advertisements for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) with a 3.95% rate.

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Different Types of Mortgage Loans – Types of Mortgages: Which One Is the Right One?. That’s every year for the 5/1 ARM and every 5 years for the 5/5.. This is a good loan if the homeowner can tolerate a single change of payment during the loan period. 3/3 and 3/1 ARMs .

5/1 ARM Fixed Mortgage Rates – Zillow – Adjustable rate mortgages generally have lower interest rates than fixed rate loans for the first five years, so getting a 5/1 ARM could save you a considerable amount in interest. 5/1 ARMs are often seen as a good choice for home shoppers who plan to live in their home for five years or less.

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