Honorable Discharge Personality Disorder

Discharge for a "personality disorder" will definitely follow you into civilian life, and can be almost automatically disqualifying for law enforcement or security clearance jobs. If your problems stem from experiences in Iraq then you most likely don’t have a "personality disorder" but rather a mental illness such as PTSD, etc.

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 · Soldiers with 24 months or more of active duty service may be separated under this paragraph based on a diagnosis of personality disorder. " Major depressive disorder is a further salient example. In sum, there is a process, and if approved thru official channels, should result in a honorable discharge.

On my form DD 214, I have an honorable discharge. The reason listed for the discharge is personality disorder. The discharge code is JFX. Can I have this removed or changed and if so how do I go about do so? Also, can I be denied a security clearance because of this? In addtion , is it possible for me to get disability through the VA for this?

Human Rights Watch: Veterans illegally discharged from the military after rape. Personality disorders are often the deathknell of VA compensation claims and so its important to know if it has been correctly diagnosed.. of their good standing often times being forced out under other than honorable conditions.. and mentally because it was easier to discharge an.

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Honorable Discharges: Impact on Eligibility for VA Health Care Benefits, U.S. The United States Military's Illegal personality disorder discharge problem, Viet.

Because adjustment (and personality and mood) disorders are considered preexisting conditions. Under a law enacted in 2008, veterans with PTSD get an honorable discharge and medical care. rep. Mike.

I have an Honorable Discharge (not General under Honorable Conditions) from the US Army 15 years ago for JFX (Personality Disorder). How much is that going to hurt my chances of being given the final clearance? ps. This is my only real concern. I have nothing else on my record or history otherwise that I could see being any issue.

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The form troops must sign as they’re being counseled about personality disorders states, "If separated with less than an honorable discharge/characterization, you could encounter substantial.

The consequences of having “bad paper” – any discharge other than “honorable” – or being labeled as having a “personality disorder” are far-reaching for veterans and their families. Such discharges.

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