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Late Mortgage Payments: Can I Refinance? – My Mortgage Insider – Certain lenders and programs allow you to refinance if you've had a late mortgage payment. But you may have to do some searching.

Bad Credit Refinance Mortgage – Nationwide Mortgages – Bad Credit Refinance Mortgage Learn How to Refinance with Late Mortgage Payments & find loans nationwide to Get Cash and Lower Rates. Many homeowners have struggled to refinance with bad credit, because most banks and mortgage lenders do not offer these types of loans anymore.

Can You Refinance If You Have a Delinquent Mortgage. – The FHA currently allows you to refinance under its streamline refinance program if you only have one 30-late payment in your 12-month mortgage history, or no more than two months delinquent. VA loans: Lenders can submit loans with a past 30-day or more payment to VA for prior approval.

Credit Rating, Missed Payments, and FHA Refinance Loans – Come to the fha refinance table prepared with a written explanation of what happened to damage your credit rating and submit it along with your paperwork. That can make quite a difference when the loan officer examines your past credit history and compares it to your current circumstances.

8 Signs Your House Is Holding You Back – Owning a home can be a. eventually destroy your financial dreams. (See also: 5 Surefire Signs You Have Too Much Debt) When that mortgage bill is due each month, are you scrambling to get the funds.

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In Your 40s? How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement – Paying off a mortgage can. you’re in your mid- to late 40s and still want to retire mortgage-free, a better bet could be to refinance your 30-year mortgage into a 15-year loan. In addition to.

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Learn About the FHA Streamline Refinances – FHA streamline refis can. have your lender pay them. If you already have an FHA loan and interest rates have fallen, or you have an adjustable-rate FHA mortgage and would like a fixed-rate mortgage.

Who Will Refinance My Home If I Have Late Payments? – Home Guides – When evaluating a refinance application, a mortgage lender ensures that your present loan is current, with no late payments for at least the last.